Training every teacher to spot, support and empower dyslexic children

That’s our goal for the next five years, but it starts now. You can make a difference
with just two hours of training.

Why take the training?

We’re inspiring dedicated parents, brilliant teachers, passionate educators and committed education authorities across the globe to make change happen now.

Our training

  • Gives you easy to implement tools and strategies
  • Helps you transform outcomes in the classroom or at home
  • Is free and available to everyone

What’s included?

Whether you’re a teacher or parent, our free and simple two-hour training course will help you:

Spot dyslexic strengths and challenges

Plan lessons
that benefit all children

Offer support
that builds resilience

Transform the attainment of dyslexic children

What are teachers saying?

Teachers all around the globe are skilling up in just two hours with our easy, free, training.

Now I know the early signs to spot to make sure they’re getting that early support when needed. And I now realise that the things you do for dyslexic children will benefit all children in the classroom.

Shara Dinnis,

These courses bring a real awareness and knowledge to teachers on how to adapt their teaching and use the latest technology and digital tools to support dyslexic children.

Jonathan Bishop

In the training Keira Knightley speaks about the teacher that impacted her the most, that makes me think that now I could be that teacher that helps the dyslexic children in my class achieve their dreams.

Abi Copley,


Together we can make change happen

Dyslexic children will only succeed if we can reshape how we teach them today. Help us to train every teacher in the next five years to SPOT, SUPPORT and EMPOWER every dyslexic learner by sharing:


Email your school, education authority, or politician to ask for all teachers to be trained.


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Earn your spots

Encourage your school to take the training and we’ll award them the Made By Dyslexia badge.